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Martial Warriors academy was founded by Warrior Ranjit Mishra after training under different martial arts experts/ teachers. Looking at the condition of martial arts world where knowledge of real martial arts is lacking, he founded his own academy by combining all the martial arts knowledge he has gained in his martial arts journey. Most of the academy's are teaching only physical portion of martial arts. Also physical martial arts taught by them is limited to only either offensive concepts or only defensive concepts. Here in this academy a complete knowledge of offensive and defensive concepts are taught so that every student can take right step at right moment. Also martial arts taught here is not just limited to physical part. Internal martial arts, Mental martial arts and spiritual martial arts are also taught for overall development of student irrespective of age. So every student of this academy will be a complete warrior and not any so called warrior.

We at this academy do not train for 1 hour or two hour classes. But training will be on 24 hour basis. Because whatever we do here, do with spirit of a warrior. And this same spirit is instilled in everyone’s mind, body and heart. Relation we make here is not just for course duration but for entire life and this is what is our actual earning.


Difference between most of the academy and us is we do not just concentrate on physical development of our student but overall development, i.e, physical, internal, mental as well as spiritual development of our students. And this is how our students are made warriors for whole life and not just in class.


Training Team- Training here is done in almost traditional way where seniors used to help their juniors in their journey. Training is given to each and every student with personal attention too and with detailed explanation of each and everything that is practiced. So that each student has the knowledge to help other fellow students. So in short, though we have other instructors too, but each and every student is part of our team in training other students which builds leadership quality in every student.


Training Place- Place where we practice is for those who are actually interested in real martial arts practice and not for time pass. In one line we can say, rough and tough place for rough and tough people. Every equipment facility for training is available with changing rooms and washrooms too. Another important point is we do not provide A.C facility because of it’s harmful effects. Training place is for sweating and not for cooling under A.C. With time student practicing in our style, develops a strong immunity towards any kind of weather, harsh conditions and diseases and this is how traditional martial arts knowledge was given to students for creating real martial arts warrior.

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