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While learning any weapon, one must know that Body is the most dangerous weapon in this world. So while using a weapon one should never forget to use his body as a weapon too. Weapon is nothing but a mere extension of the hand. Best defense against any weapon is that defense in which your chance of getting attacked is minimum. One can do risky defense while fighting a person without weapon. But while defending against any weapon, the whole idea of defense gets changed. You have to be on more safer side.


There are mainly four kinds of weapons:


  • Short Range Weapons like Knife, Tonfa, Sai, Pen, Pencil, Needle etc.

  • Middle Range Weapons like Short Sticks, Short Sword, Dagger etc.

  • Long range Weapons like Long Stick (Laathi), Spear, Rods, Urumi, Belt, chain, etc.

  • Projectile weapons like Guns, Stones, Thowing Knife etc.

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