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Many people just want to be fit but are often confused what to choose and what not. Many of them choose gym and gets bore after sometime. Few of them see that gym fitness makes their body stiff resulting in blockages of energy in different body parts which causes problem in old age. Few of them even choose those martial arts style doing which is a problem for them.


We at this academy provides our student fitness classes designed for their body. After knowing our student’s requirement and their body type we let them opt either of the art from Muay Thai, Kalaripayattu or Mix martial arts so that they can have a fitness of  warrior. People opting for these styles will have extreme strength, flexible, agile and healthy body. Also weight lifting has always been part of traditional martial arts system. So this fitness classes combines calisthenics as well as weight lifting routines so that perfect fitness can be achieved.

Needless to mention all styles of martial arts will touch all four portions to have a perfect fitness and not just physical level fitness.

  • Physical fitness – as explained above

  • Internal fitness – Breath/Chi/ prana flow control

  • Mental fitness- Meditation practices

  • Spiritual fitness- Controlling all the senses and negative traits in us.

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