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Mix martial art, that is known today, is a combination of different martial arts system for more effective and complete combat system as any one system is rarely a complete martial art in itself.

Miix martial arts we teach here in this academy is a mixture of bare hand fighting system of different martial arts system i.e, Muay Thai + Juijutsu + Wrestling + Kalaripayattu + Sanatan Shastar Vidiya. Using mixture of all this style one can easily fight in ring or cage with amateur or professional rules and regulations. Muay Thai in this style helps you know how to use your 8 limbs of body, ie, Punches, Kicks, Elbows and Knees. Juijutsu makes you trained in ground fighting system. Wrestling in this style helps you in knowing the grappling aspects of fight so that one can fight in zero range. Kalaripayattu in this style helps you in developing the kick catches and grappling aspects too. Sanatan Shastar vidiya, helps you in developing the invincible footwork and soft grappling techniques so that one can save his/her energy when fighting and can easily tackle the stronger opponent in grappling.

Today people opt to learn this style for amateur fighting or for making professional career. People are also learning this style for the challenges it throw to them or for the effectiveness of this mixed style.

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