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Gymnastics works the fundamental physical skills that all children need to develop to become fit, healthy and active, including; Speed, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, stamina, power, core stability. ... Get your body learning them as a child and you are set for life to be good at ANY and ALL sport!

Gymnastics is mainly practiced as people are attracted towards Gymnasters flexibility, upper body strength, stunts like flips and handsprings they do. Though Gymnastics is also a part of our martial arts training but we have started special Gymnastics classes too as many people are interested only in these aspects of gymnastics.

Gymnastics we teach is mainly floor gymnastics which includes below.

  1. Full body flexibility

  2. Upper body strength

  3. Front rolling

  4. Back rolling

  5. Side rolling

  6. Front Handspring

  7. Back handspring

  8. Front headspring

  9. Side Cartwheel (Double hand, single hand)

  10. Front Cartwheel

  11. Front flip

  12. Back flip

  13. Side flip

  14. Aerial

  15. Headstand

  16. Handstand

  17. Press handstand

  18. Handwalk

  19. Monkey backhandspring


Note: People who do not know about Gymnastics should know that this art is not just limited to handsprings or flips. You cannot do those moves from first day. So do not expect this. There are lot of strength and flexibility exercises which are practiced before moving to flips and handsprings.

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