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Self Defense Class

Warrior Street combat system is a street based mix martial arts with aim of surviving in real life situations. This art is a mixture of Muay Thai, Kalaripayattu, Kung Fu, Sanatan Shastar Vidiya, Wrestling and Juijutsu. After years of studying different different martial arts styles by Warrior Ranjit and even competing in Muay Thai and MMA competitions, he felt the need to combine all the arts which can be learnt soon and is practical in real life self defense situations. After experiencing real life street fights and other situations, Warrior Ranjit came to a conclusion that neither full offensive art nor full defensive art is practical for real life situations and so combined the defensive and offensive concepts in his Warrior Street combat system which can survive in all kinds of situations like outside street fights or Home fights or fighting with self.

In this system, student needs to clear 10 different levels with each level of around 6 months practice. At each succeeding level, different weapons including bare hand fighting and multiple opponent fighting needs to be cleared. 

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