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1. PHYSICAL MARTIAL ARTS - Below attacks are the main part of our mix martial arts system. 

Boxing Punches, Slaps, Knife Hand strikes, Finger strikes, Elbow strikes, Head strikes, Shoulder strikes, Hip Strikes, Knee strikes, Practical Kicks, Show off kicks, Biting, Tiger claws, Poking, Throws, Takedowns, Chokes, Locks, Ground fighting etc.

Weapons too are main part  of our mix martial arts system which makes it a complete street practical martial arts system too.

2. INTERNAL MARTIAL ARTS – Internal Martial arts is mainly related to Breath/Chi/Prana control in body to remain disease free. This is also used for conditioning/ hardening the physical body. Internal martial arts is mainly responsible for your long life. 

Internal martial arts can also make someone super strong. One can lift heavy weights almost 5 times before he can lift with his physical body. One can be 4 times more faster than before.


This is the thing which many modern martial arts lack.

3. MENTAL MARTIAL ARTS - Mental martial arts mainly consists of meditation and mental strength building exercises. This is one of the most important part of martial art to remain focused in any part of one’s life. This can be used in the ring fights, street fights, studies, professional work, etc. There are lot of things that break you in your life. Mental martial arts teaches you how to overcome all the obstacles in life. Meditation is the main part of the mental martial arts. Please visit our meditation page for detailed explanation about this.


4. SPIRITUAL MARTIAL ARTS- This part of martial arts is the most important part of martial arts. This is used to control all the senses of the body and all the negative traits in us like, lust, anger, greed, ego, attachment. Spiritual martial arts is needed to understand ourselves, to understand life and its purpose. 


Long Range Weapons:

In long range, Mix martial arts fighter uses hard roundhouse kicks and Push kick of Muay Thai. In addition to this, fighter can pick any weapon to fight including mud and stones as it is a street based martial arts.

Middle Range weapons:

In Middle range, fighter can use punches, open hand attacks like slaps, knife hand strikes, finger strikes and stand up Locks. Few practical kicks like kick to knee, shin, thighs etc can also be used. Fighter can fight with any weapon including pen, clips, Bangles like weapons.

Close range weapons:

In close range, fighter uses short punches, Elbows, Knees, Foot Stamp, Head Butts, Tiger Claws, Stand up locking, Slips etc. There are multiple combos of these attacks but requires patience to practice. Mix martial arts fighter uses this range to quickly finish the fight and not to prolong the fight as it can be dangerous in street situations.

Grappling range:

Whenever mix martial arts fighter comes in grappling range they try to dis-balance their enemy for a throw or takedown and keep on using their knees and elbow strikes. Since this martial arts system is street based system so bare hand combat is practiced more which gives them added advantage of using locking (mainly stand up and few ground fighting locks) and using tiger claws for tearing down the opponent skin. 

Multiple opponent fighting:

Main part of this mix martial arts system is fighter's ability to fight with multiple opponents. Fighter is taught how to fight with weapon vs weapon and weapon vs bare hand. Fan blocks are done with such a speed that any kind of punch can be blocked easily. Angles that a fighter take during forward motion of blocking protects him/her from any kind of kick. Specialty of this blocking system is that it can be done even by a blind fighter and so is even called blind blocks. After blocking the punch, fighter can use any offensive technique as per opportunity.


The offensive and defensive technique of this martial arts system makes it a complete and brutal combat system. The other portions of martial arts i.e internal martial arts, mental martial arts and spiritual martial arts makes it a complete and best martial arts system.


  Below types of skill workout are mostly done in this mix martial arts system but with lot of varieties.

  • Air Workout - In starting, students are given the correct scientific explanation step by step of each and every move. Weapons training also starts first from air workout.  After few classes student moves to other types of workout too. Advance form of air workout is shadow weapon training in which student practices combos of weapons from all kinds of angles and punching, Kicking, Kneeing, Elbowing and various stance/leg switches. 

  • Bag Workout/ Tyre Workout- Student can also switch training to bag workout (without external weapons) or tyre workout when using any external weapon but with his teacher consent after learning few basics of stance. Bag workout is mainly for increasing stamina and power/force of the hits. 

  • Pad Workout/ Tyre workout - After learning the basics in air and on bag, student can move to pad workout or moving tyre workout. Instructors or seniors will help the student in this practice. Instructors will let the student kick, punch, elbow, knee or use any weapon in all ranges as per his/her ability and knowledge he/she has gained. This practice prepares students very well for sparing sessions. In every workout, student will have to use any of the body weapons as per pad or tyre shown by instructor. Continuous practice of this increases stamina a lot. 

  • Accuracy workout - This workout is done by hitting a small ball hanged in air with an external weapon from different different angles. Actually ball/ balls are not hit but are only touched from different different angles and ranges. The whole concentration is on balls without letting any thought getting inside brain. This workout not only improves accuracy of the hits but also improves the concentration. This can be a good moving meditation for the student.                                                         

  • Partner(s) training - This is the best form of practice/ workout as it prepares students for actual fighting on streets. All the moves are tried on each other's body but with power and speed controlled. In case of multiple opponents fighting, one has to face multiple opponents hitting one at different different timing and from different different angles. This is done with weapons too as well as bare hand. This is the practice which finally prepares students for real street scenario. Below are the drills which are mostly practiced with weapons.   


  1. Block​ Drills - In this drill, one hits the opponents from different different angles and other person blocks all. At little higher stages, instead of blocking, one can evade the attacks too. This help develop basic reflexes of the fighters.

  2. Block hit block drill- In this drill, both are allowed to hit and block each other. But both of the them can give only one strike to opponent at any angle and other opponent will block the same and will strike back one time. This keeps on going for few minutes to develop great reflexes and stamina. 

  3. Block block hit hit drill - In this drill, both are allowed to hit and block each other. But both of the them can give only two strike combos to each other at any angles and other opponent will block the same and will strike back with two strike combos. This keeps on going for few minutes to develop better reflexes, stamina and habit of combos. 

  • Technical workout drill- This is more of technique practice rather than workout. One fighter is allowed to hit with full speed and power to other fighter. Other fighter has to take a desired angle and has to strike back with combos. Strike must not touch the first fighter instead it should be stopped near his/her body. This requires control practice which is done separately.

  • Sparing - In this two or even more fighters are allowed to fight each other with protections/ guards on. This should be a light and medium contact sparing. This is done with weapons as well as without weapons.

Below terms very well explain the combat requirement of this art.

  • Power - Power means the force one can produce in his attacks instantly. Physics says, Power = Force x Velocity. So this means power is directly proportional to force generated. Power will keep increasing if force generated keeps increasing. Power practice/ workout is mostly done on bags, pads and tyres. Correct technique while punching, kicking or using a weapon is the most important requirement to generate power in each attacks.

  • Balance- Balance means how well a fighter can stand in fight. There are many exercises to increase the balancing of the body and stances. If this is not correct, even the one with great power is nothing in fight. Just for a tip, press the below part of the thumb on ground for increasing balancing power.

  • Endurance - Endurance can be defined as the capacity of a person to do anything for long period of time. Suppose a person with great power in his/her attacks cannot punch even for few seconds, then he/she will exhaust easily after that limit. Endurance practice is done to increase that limit so that student can fight or do any activity for long period of time.

  • Strength/ Toughness - Strength can be defined as a person's ability to withstand external force for long time. This comes by regular strength building exercises. In mix martial arts, strength has to be built in each part of the body. As this mix martial arts system is practiced for street self defense, so strength has to be built even in finger joints, ankles, wrist, neck which is missing in sports fighting systems.

  • Technique - Technique can be defined as a person's ability to attack or counter attack opponent with best possible way. This is achieved by good knowledgeable teacher and self research too.

  • Skills - Regular practice of technique and applying the same in sparing makes students skilled. This can be boring sometimes but very fruitful as real confidence comes by regular and repeatative practice of one thing. 

  • Flexibility - Flexible body means good energy flow in body. Good energy flow in body means long life and pain free body. In this mix martial arts system, flexibility is very important to achieve. Student practices from little to extreme flexibility routines.  

  • Hardness - Body hardness practice is done a lot in this martial arts system but this is not very important for every student as this cannot be achieved by every body type. Instead there are lot of techniques on street which do not require any hardness to take down an enemy. But if anyone wants to make his/her body hard, then he/she is free to do so.

  • Stamina- Stamina can be defined as the persons ability to control breath in fight/ exercise without getting exhausted. In this mix martial arts system, this is very important to develop. For example, if a fighter can land very powerful blows and can throw thousands of punches but is out of breath in fight, then fighter forgets how to throw punches in fight as brain stops giving signal to muscle memory. High intensity training is very important for street self defense as things happen very fast on street and do not lasts for long time.

  • Reflexes- Reflexes is fighter's ability to recognize the incoming attacks before getting hit. One with greater reflex has less chances of getting hit and one with lesser reflexes will take hits a lot. In this mix martial arts system, there is one block known as fan block or blind block which do not require much reflexes and can be easily applied against anyone.

  • Accuracy- Accuracy is the fighters ability to land clean shots on the enemy. In street self defense, accuracy matters a lot as one do not get enough time to land many attacks on enemy. Fight has to be finished as soon as possible within seconds which can be done in lesser attacks only.

  • Focus/ Meditation- Meditation is the fighter's ability to be in present state during a fight or ability to focus clearly on each and everything happening around a fighter. It is very simple to understand that if fighter is not in present state during a fight then no matter how much technique he/she knows will definitely suffer in fight.  


Continuous practice of our mix martial arts system brings following health benefits to body.·

  • Immune system - As student practices internal martial arts too in this system, Immune system of our student is unmatched. Fighter develops immunity towards common diseases and many major diseases too.

  • Blood circulation - Blood circulation in the body increases making fighter healthy and energetic.

  • Heart rate - Heart rate becomes normal for life time. Read precautions too in last.

  • Nasal pipe - Because of the intense stamina workout and internal martial arts practice, nasal pipe opens up due to which diseases like sinusitis gets treated.


  • Memory power - Because of specific physical exercises and internal exercises, memory power of a student increases a lot.

  • Age/ Lifespan - Due to health benefits fighter's lifespan increases.

  • Sexual health - Improved sexual health can be seen after regular stamina workout and internal exercises practice as fighter learns to control breath.

  • Weight loss - Student can see lot of fat loss from his/her body as exercises are not limited to any art. There are diverse form of exercise which helps in reducing weight very easily.

  • Stress remover - Continuous bag workout, pad workout, meditation and spiritual  development of a student can help in understanding the causes of stress and suffering. Ultimately student remains free from any kind of stress till lifetime.

  • ​Cardiovascular system - Lot of cardio workout and internal martial arts practice helps in improving cardiovascular system and makes practitioner recover from any cardio diseases.

  • Standing old age - Practitioner develops strong bones, tough muscles and stress free life which helps students to be fit for lifetime and keep backspine healthy which is not commonly seen nowadays in old people.

  • Boost happy chemicals - Regular practice of physical, internal, mental and spiritual martial art and strong bond developed between practitioners in martial arts dojo releases endorphins in body which makes life happier for lifetime.


Student need to clearly mention the existing health problems he/she is suffering to his teacher. But yes teacher needs to be knowledgeable in understanding what to give and what to avoid to such students otherwise it can increase the problem of student. For example—if a student suffering from Asthma is given a high intensity workout, then it is possible that student will faint and even pass out. So do attend classes under knowledgeable teachers only. Since main teacher Ranjit Mishra is experienced in different martial arts system like Muay Thai, Kung Fu , Kalaripayattu etc. so he is well versed with this knowledge. He is trained under an able Kalaripayattu Guru who is expert of ayurveda and marma therapy.

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