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Warrior Ranjit

Ranjit Mishra (born on 19th March 1986) having interest in martial arts from childhood attended few camps of Karate and Taekwondo in his teenage for few months. Because of pressure from family for education, he was not able to do further martial arts till 2004.

After entering Engineering college in 2004, he started serious martial arts training for self defense motive, only to realize later, martial arts has much more deeper things than this.

In 2008, he started learning ‘Kung Fu’ from Master Santosh Singh. He was taught the bare hand fighting system including sanshou, weaponry combat and Gymnastics too. He fought Muay Thai fight very soon after joining Kung Fu academy and realized the effectiveness of Muay Thai combat. He started learning ‘Muay Thai’ too with Kung Fu to develop more in combat, after 3 years of continuing Kung Fu. He stopped learning Kung Fu after 5 years of training after learning all from his teacher and continued Muay Thai further. He started learning Muay Thai from Mr. Sandeep Rao and later from the great Muay Thai master Kru Narendar Kumar. He learnt Muay Thai and fought many competitions till 6 years. He also learnt Muay Boran under Kru Narendar Kumar. In between he started learning Kalaripayattu too from Guru Murugan Pillai to learn weapons and Marma knowledge. Later he found Kalaripayattu is unending martial arts which he has to keep learning till his death as this martial arts style is very very vast in knowledge and has it’s own bare hand fighting system too which focuses more on open hand attacks and Marma point striking. This system is much more than fighting system and works on overall development of it’s practitioner.

Inspired by his friend, Warrior Ranjit attended the first camp of ‘Sanatan Shastar Vidiya’ held by Gurudev Nidar Singh in year 2017 and is among the first student of this vidiya in India. After seeing the art he was not able to leave this highly effective and scientific combative art. This art is also a life long journey covering all the combat portion of martial arts.

Warrior Ranjit also learnt Gymnastics in Kung Fu, Kalaripayattu and Indira Gandhi Gymnastics stadium. He is well versed with this knowledge too. 

Combining all his knowledge of striking and grappling, he developed his own street fighting system and also started teaching MMA covering all the ranges of combat including grappling.


After serving Engineering Industries like Jindal for 8.5 years, he left the job for continuing his passion for martial arts  and opened his own professional academy in 2017 though he was teaching from last 6 years. Point to note is his all motive to learn martial arts was to master self and develop the actual and real life self defense ability. Later he realized martial arts is much more than self defense and is for developing mentally and spiritually for peace. He realized and learnt all the four portions of martial arts i.e, Physical, Internal, Mental and spiritual martial arts. Leaving his job he felt the need to share this knowledge to society for creating wise people for future as there are many wrong preconceptions of martial arts in society.

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