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Please go through below questions and answer series which we have came across from many new students.

  • Who is a Warrior? Warrior is someone who is always ready to fight for righteousness. Fight means not only physical fight but mental and spiritual fight too. This also means anyone who learns any kind of physical martial art skill cannot be said as warrior. To become a warrior student has to instill warrior spirit inside him/her.

  • I am 20+ or 30+ man/ woman. Can I learn Martial arts? -Yes without any doubt. People often get confused with what they see in movies. They may be part of martial arts but martial arts is not limited to those moves only. There are lot of things which even much older people can learn. Refer blog link for this -

  • I am very weak. Can I learn Martial arts? – Yes. Martial art is mainly for making weak people stronger. So everyone can learn Martial art depending on their body type. With time everyone can become stronger.

  • Is their any belt system? Belt system are present only in few martial arts system like Karate, Taekwondo etc. But martial arts style practiced in this academy do not limit student to belt system. Instead everyone learns as per his/her ability and not as per belt system already set because everyone cannot learn everything. For example people of old age will take a very very long time for jump kicks, flying punches etc. There is a very famous saying, if you will waste time in making crocodile climb tree, then crocodile will waste whole life thinking he cannot climb. So one who can swim must swim and one who can climb tree, must climb only.

  • What is the course duration? Martial arts study cannot be limited to any course duration. It takes whole life for a student to learn and master martial arts. Still if this can be answered we will say, practicing Muay Thai and Mix martial arts develops basic confidence in 6 months. It may take 2 years to years to develop decent skills in this art and will take years to master. Practicing Kalaripayattu for 6 months brings very good flexibility in body. 

  • What should I choose for my child. Gymnastics or Martial arts? – Gymnastics is a very great art and it makes ones body very strong. But Gymnastics is limited to physical aspects. But martial art develops one’ body not only physically but Internally, Mentally and Spiritually too so that child can tackle any kind of situation in life. Refer blog link for this –​

  • I just want to be Fit. Should I learn Martial art? Though there are other ways to remain fit. But martial art is the best way to remain fit for life time. For ex: Yoga is good way to remain fit but it still lacks the extreme strength building exercise as well as lifting exercise. Similarly gym lacks flexibility exercises and makes one stiff which results in energy blockages in body. It also lacks internal,mental and spiritual development. Both Yoga and Gym lacks self defense portion too. Martial arts is combination of all.

  • Will I get injured a lot while learning Martial art? No. It is a misconception that student has to mandatory suffer torture and injuries. Practice has to be done very scientifically so that injuries do not happen.

  • I don’t want to participate in competitions. Can I learn Martial arts? Yes. It is totally student's choice whether he/she wants to participate in competitions. Traditionally as well as today martial arts practice was done for self development.

  • How big is your team to train people? We have a big team to train anyone. This is because after few months of training every student has to train their junior students too. This is part of any martial art curriculum. This improves the personality of a student and improves leadership quality and managerial skills. Also self skills improves a lot by teaching someone.

  • Why should I join you. Why not other Martial arts Gym? This is a question you must ask yourself. Why you want to join us. What not other martial arts gym. What you are expecting from martial arts dojo. What do you want to learn. Can this dojo provide you the same. We in this academy follows the traditional concepts of martial arts and teaches the real martial arts to our students. Students have to practice barefoot in extreme cold weather as well as hot weather too sometimes. If you are looking for a modern gym based on western concepts like playing loud music while practicing and finally acheaving nothing, then look somewhere else. But if you want something real, come here.

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