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Recognised by U.P Olympics Association and Affiliated to Amateur

Muay Thai Welfare Society of U.P (Affiliated to Muay Thai India

(Affiliated to Iternational Federation Muay Thai Amateur (IFMA) & FAMA))

Punch like a cobra bites, Kick like an axe cut,

Elbow like a knife cuts , Knee like a spear is poked.


Above philosophy is used a lot in Muay Thai. Ever heard this...!!!

Muay Thai is believed to be associated with Martial arts of Lord Hanuman. He is said to be the originator of Thai Martial arts.

Muay Thai is a combination of two words. Muay + Thai. “Muay” means Boxing. “Thai” word comes from Thailand as it is a Thailand based art. So it can also be termed as Thai Boxing or Thai kickboxing.

Actually Muay Thai is a sport based Martial arts. It’s actual name or traditional art name used in Wars is Muay Boran. Boran word was replaced with “Thai” word when it was introduced as a sport.

Muay Thai is a Thai Martial art known as an art of Eight Limbs with various clinching techniques. The eight limbs are Kicks, Punches, Elbows and knees of both hands and legs. So it becomes 8. Actually there is a 9th limb too which is head attack but not used in rings because Muay Thai is a sport based Martial arts. The street vesions of Muay Thai are Muay Chaiya and Muya Boran.

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