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1. Open Eye Meditation: Though this meditation is equally important for common man, but this is very important for martial artists who wants to improve his fighting ability and increase surrounding alertness. This is done by gazing one or more points (may be on wall) for long time. Benefit of this meditation can be felt in 2 to 3 days.

2. Closed Eye Meditation: This is done by sitting with eyes closed and focusing on Chakras, breath/ Chi, Mantras, on some thought, or simply sitting and doing nothing.


2.1 Chakras meditation-  In this meditation technique one focuses on any of the seven chakras to open the chakra. After opening chakras of the body one by one through proper technique, Kundalini of the body is raised which is lying like a serpent coiled at the base of the spine.

This meditation technique is the most dangerous meditation for social people as opening of the chakras and kundalini raising can destroy your social, psychological, emotional life. But if you are ready to live a life of a monk then you can definitely do this. Others should avoid this at all cost.

2.2 Breath/ Chi meditation- In this meditation, one has to focus on his in and out breath for long time. Result of this meditation technique is persons breathing pattern is improved due to which person’s health is improved specially cardiovascular diseases. Mental relaxation is achieved.

2.3 Mantra meditation- In this meditation, person chants mantras and focus on hearing mantras. Best way to do this meditation is to take a weed and start chanting mantras. Different mantras have different effect on body and different chakras. Mental focus is achieved after chanting mantras for long time. This is one of the easiest yet very very powerful meditation technique. Almost all religions knows this meditation technique.

2.4 Zen meditation- This is the best meditation technique and totally different from all other techniques. This meditation technique follows the principle of “Let Go of the things which you cannot control”. In this meditation, person has to simply sit and do nothing. Only thing one has to do is to be aware of all the thoughts coming and going out of his mind. Point to note is person do not have to focus or do anything special in this meditation. Simply sit and do nothing and just be aware of all the things. Because as soon as meditator starts focusing on anything or even thoughts then whole idea of this meditation gets lost. 

2.5 Thought meditation- In this meditation, one goes into a meditative state by thinking on any particular subject so that one can understand deeper meaning of the same. This increases the thinking ability of a person and reduce/ removes confusion on any subject of this world.

3. 24 hours meditation: This meditation is done on 24 hours basis. All the above meditation mentioned is just a starting stage of the meditation. This meditation is the actual meditation that needs to be done. This meditation is the application of all of the above meditation mentioned. In this meditation, person needs to be aware of himself and surrounding for whole day. Person needs to be focused on everything like taking bath, eating food, drinking, walking, in office, schools etc. Let's take an example of bath. Someone is taking bath. For him/her to be in meditative state, he/she needs to feel each and every drop of water touching his/her body. Feeling the coolness or heat of the water falling on the body. He/she will definitely feel that he/she has never ever taken a bath like this before. Just try this. This meditation teaches you that everything we do in daily life is a kind of meditation if done with focus/ concentration.

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