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It is being said that a Martial arts expert and a monk of South India named ‘Bodhidharma’ known as ‘Damo’ in china taught actual buddhism and martial arts to Chinese monks which they further developed in their own way and made their own style of martial arts known as Kung Fu. First student of Bodhidharma was Huike and Huike was the one who cut his one hand to show his dedication to learn martial arts from Bodhidharma.

It is being said that Bodhidharma was a Kalaripayattu expert. Some links are also found that Bodhidharma was from Tamil Nadu and in Tamil Nadu Silambam (Chilambam) martial art is more famous. So may be he was an expert in one of the art or may be both. It is also highly possible that Bodhidharma knew more than Kalaripayattu and Silambam if he travelled in other parts of India.


Now coming to the term Kung fu, it is a combination of two words. Kung means Hard Work and Fu means Achievement. So Kung Fu means anything achieved through hard work or training for certain period of time. It can be anything from learning self defense skills to learning cooking skills. Everything is Kung Fu. So right from eating to sleeping is also a kind of kung fu if done with little concentration.

So if one can understand the meaning of Kung Fu then it is clear that Kung Fu can also be a mixture of different martial arts system.

Here in this academy Kung Fu is taught in Street MMA course in which multiple opponents fighting including weapons is the main part. Kung Fu being the defensive art when mixed with offensive art Muay Thai and even Kalaripayattu to some extent then a very dangerous and lethal system of martial arts is created. Are you ready to learn this art..????

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