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Locks also known as Chin Na's in Kung Fu and  also present in Kalaripayattu are system of techniques in which opponent is locked and seized. It means opponent is locked in such a painful condition that opponent cannot move and hit back.

Locks are used in two different ways. One in defensive way and other in offensive way. 

Defensive way teaches one to only lock the opponent  and adjust the pain according to the situation and opponent skills. It means if opponent is more skilled in martial techniques then more painful lock has to be applied else one can counter the lock applied. These locks are helpful where one do not wants to injure his opponent/ enemy or do not want to take out the blood from his/her body. These are applied in general situation where one just want to defend himself/herself from an attacker.

Offensive way teaches one to lock and break/ dislocate the joints or directly break the joints. Force applied in these locks is such that it can break the joints of an opponent These locks are applied in life and death situation or on a very aggressive attacker.

In Kung Fu, there are 32 locking system which has further been developed to almost 50 locks in this academy. One can learn these locks separately or else in our Street MMA system .


To an every lock applied, there are no. of counter locks that can be applied. In this academy, we teach  apprx. 5 to 10 or more counter locks which can release the locking grip and in return can lock the one who has applied the lock.

Parts of locking:

There are many ways in which below body parts lock can be applied in different different conditions. 

Finger Lock, Wrist Lock, Elbow lock, Shoulder lock, Neck lock, Hip lock, Ankle lock, Knee lock, Foot finger lock.

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