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Difference between ancient warriors and today's so called warrior is ancient warriors used to have not only muscular strength but extreme tendon strength and ligament strength too. But today's martial art practitioner only focuses on muscular strength because of lack of knowledge of those exercises. In addition to strength, flexible body was also focused by ancient warriors. 

If you ever dreamed off having a fitness of ancient warrior but have time issues to come at our academy place then we can come at your place to make your dream come true. Whatever be your requirement, whatever you want to learn like Boxing, Muay Thai Boxing, Kick Boxing, Street self Defense, Mix martial arts, any special weapon self defense, Kalaripayattu or just want a fitness of a warrior, if your intention to learn any art is right, then we will certainly make you a warrior for lifetime.

In addition to combat and fitness, meditation will also be taught to make your life more peaceful and relaxing.

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