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Lalit Sharma - ​I have been a student in this academy since more than a year doing Gymnastics and Kalaripayattu. Have developed the required strength and technique under serious and efficient training given by Guru Ranjit Mishra. The academy has helped in learning the art in an excellent way. I have come a long way in short time. Learning here is a great experience under best of training.

Al Imraan Azeez - I am learning martial art in this academy since last one year. Iam practicing Muay Thai  and mix martial arts (locking, grappling, takedown etc.) I have been trained in all portions of martial arts, i.e physical, internal, mental and spiritual martial arts too. In this martial arts journey I feel more confidence and strength. In this academy I came to know real meaning of martial arts. Now i am full of positive thoughts. I will definitely recommend this academy to everyone as it improves not only physically but mentally and spiritually too..

Priyadarshini Tripathi - Iam 28 years old. Since I have joined this academy for gymnastics and mixed martial arts, not only I have perfected in gymnastics and martial arts techniques but I have also achieved the basic fitness and much confident self defense techniques very well. Guru Ranjit Mishra have been very supportive and has helped me a lot in achieving it irrespective of the age and within a very reasonable fee structure. The cademy has lended me the best environment. Thank you sir.

Shubhrika Gupta- Martial Warriors Academy is a place where you not only gain strength ad learn martial techniques but also you build a family of warrior and i'm very lucky to be a part of this wonderful & strong family. Moreover talking about the techniques our academy (using 'our' because it's just not a academy to me but something where I belong to) is bit different from other. Our teacher Mr. Ranjit Mishra is highly qualified and is basically known for his smooth and easy way of teaching. It is because of him that changed my mind about the idea that age can never be a boundation if a person has will to learn, all he needs is proper guidance which is highly taken care of in our academy and I can assure you that once you join you'll fall in love with martial arts. As a girl, talking about the benefits of learning I want to let you know that it has definitely enhanced my confidence level, strength (not only in terms of physical but also mentally) way of thinking (through meditation) and most importantly body fitness which in today's world of junk food and IT culture (as I belong to one of these IT company) is highly needed for better and healthy life). 

Sachi ChaturvediI started classes along with my daughter in May 2017. I have joined mix martial art classes and my daughter learns Kalaripayattu from Ranjit sir. I can see a lot of change since I started learning. My stamina levels have gone up considerably. But more than that it has improved my confidence levels. Seeing sir and other dedicated students gives me inspiration to work harder. This despite my irregular schedule even with my daughter. I can see the increase in strength, stamina and flexibility in body. The best part about learning from sir is the personal attention and time that he gives to each student. The classes are not limited based on time tables but on learning ability and willingness of the student. Iam very greatful to have Ranjit sir as a teacher.

Sachin Jain- I have joined Martial Warriors Academy where I first met Mr. Ranjit Mishra (Master of warrors). He motivate us very nicely and train even with minute perfections.

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