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Do breaking bricks means Good self defense???

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Let me start with a funny short story/conversation which one of my student said to me.

The conversation was between a Taekwondo instructor and a student’s mother.

Student’s mother: Hey sir. How r u?

Instructor: I am fine. How r u?

Student’s mother: How is my kid doing? Will she be upgraded to next level.

Instructor: She is doing great. Yes she will be upgraded to next level.

Student’s mother: What level sir…!!! She still cannot break bricks…!!!

Last statement by mother is such that breaking bricks is the only thing all about any martial arts. This sounds funny to me and embarrassing moment for that instructor. Actually that instructor got entrapped in it's own's nest ( In Hindi known as Apne hi jaal me fass jaana). These taekwondo and Karate teachers and even few kung fu teachers have depicted martial arts to world in such a way that martial arts is all about breaking bricks.

Actually according to me breaking bricks is good skill if the brick is the actual brick used in construction work. I haven’t found even a single martial artist who can break such bricks except on videos by Shaolin Monks. Even I have learnt to break bricks ( Half thick ones, Marbles etc.) when I was a kid. I have done this behind my school library which was under construction and I used to break multiple marbles. Thickest one I have broke is the half thick bricks. Then when I joined a Taekwondo camp for 1 month, I saw they used to break bricks which were easily breakable. Taekwondo teacher taught us to break those multiple bricks within a month……Lolz…

BREAKING BRICKS HAS NO PLACE IN SELF DEFENSE. Yes you read it right. Though it’s a good skill to show off something for those who are interested but it has no meaning in self defense.

For example: If someone can break world’s strongest brick and still cannot touch me in a fight and get’s hit most of the times then what is a use of that skill. Actually breaking brick means one can break hands or legs of a

stationary opponent but no guarantee against a moving opponent. And when fight happens even a common man keeps moving in a fight. No one gives his limb to martial artist and remain stationary while he/she is breaking his/her bones.

In a movie “ENTER THE DRAGON”, when Bruce Lee’s opponent breaks a board infront of him to scare him, Bruce lee says: “Boards dot hit back”. This means one can break only a stationary opponent/board/bricks but not a moving opponent/ board/bricks.

I am not against any kind of martial arts style but my all intention is to make people aware that if you can break brick that means nothing in self defense. Because many students believe that if they can break bricks then they can protect themselves too. And this unawareness can prove costly to their life in real fights as they will be in wrong impression that they can fight.

For knowing actual martial arts and for having awareness of any martial arts style, contact me freely. I will be happy to help you irrespective of whether you join our academy or not.


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