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What is the most hardest practice in martial arts to master

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

So what do you think what is the most hardest practice in martial arts...😃

Bending Steel...!!!

Taking stick hits on body...!!!

Exercising or practicing for full day or till you are not able to stand up...!!!

Defeating opponents in rings..!!!

or Able to fight many people on street...!!!

What do you think...???? What should be the answer???

To keep improving day by day..!!! But how this can be achieved??? Is it most hardest??? No.

To fight your fear??? But how this can be done??? Will you fight in rings for whole life??? No. Their is an age limit to fight in rings too because chances of getting injury rises with age. This one is hard but not the most hardest. I know this as i have fought Muay Thai fights for few years.

Ability to keep practicing for whole life..!!! Yes it is but how can this be achieved...!!! Reason behind this is the most hardest.

So what do you think??? Think little more....

Ok... Let me give you the answer. I came to know this after years and years of practicing martial arts.

Answer is "The most hardest practice in martial arts is to Train and control your mind". If you

were not able to do this you failed as a martial artist. Because this is the only most hardest practice. Rest all hard things you know is secondary. Because you will not be able to endure in any practice if you cannot control your mind. Even if you achieve without thinking much about mind, then also you will achieve something but not upto your true potential. You will never be able to know your true potential. Just think How much disgusting it is to live without knowing your actual self.

Now you might be thinking how i came to know this after years and years of practice. Few might have heard this (Controlling mind) in Kung Fu movies. So they may be thinking they knew about this....😁 So what is so special...!!!

Nothing special. Only thing is Knowing is not enough, we have to apply to actually Know what we Know.

Actually when we start martial arts, the things which mostly inspire/ attract us are the physical things. Like stunts, kicking, doing something complex which others cannot or doing something which looks cool to show off etc etc. This happened with me too...😁😁😁 But after few years i started watching my few very very good teachers with whom i was/ iam lucky to spent some time either physically or atleast through phone call. They were very good in their martial ability which i was sure that i will also achieve after few years of practice. But things which surprised me a lot was their ability to excel in other fields too. Whenever they used to do some work, they do that work with so much perfection which i used to only think of doing...😄 I had seen this thing in Kung Fu movies. Hero was not just good in his martial ability but was also very good in other phases of life. And i thought by just practicing martial arts i will achieve this ability too. I was right in knowing this but as i said KNOWING IS NOT ENOUGH. Beacuse shuttle point (Shooshma point) left was to practice martial arts with being aware of mind and focusing in what i was doing.

Let me explain little more. This will help you in knowing what i want to say. But do remember Knowing is not enough... HAHAHAHAHA....😆😆😆

If you are a martial artist or any kind of artist or atleast any normal person finding difficulty in learning anything, then you know How much difficult it is to learn things when you are alone. Most of the people are not able to focus in their art when they are alone. Their mind wanders here and there and makes them feel useless. There are some people who practice when they are alone but not for long time. They are able to practice only for few minutes and so they get results after long time or they get less efficient results. If you are one of this, feel happy that you are better than others but not better than ones who knows how to control mind for long time. Because they are the ones who can learn and master any thing including martial arts.

Most of the traditional martial arts helps you in controlling your mind but one can achieve this only with help of good teacher. 

Now few people who had patience to read till here would like an answer on how to achieve mind control.

Answer is 

1) Awareness: Practice all kinds of moves in your martial system with being aware of what is going on in your head. For this you need little mental training from your teacher and much much hard work of yours. Most of the traditioal martial arts styles have Katas/ Forms. Modern martial arts have shadow boxing. These are first but oe of the best way to develop awareness of your mind. If you can practice this for long time, you will develop a very focused mind. There are more methods like partner training and then finally sparing/ Light fighting. This is the best way to develop awareness in martial arts. But do rememer to go step by step or else you will not get very good result.

2) Meditation: Meditation is very very impotant to be done in martial arts. Sitting meditation is easiest way to achieve controlled mind. You just need to find out the meditation that works best for you.

I think we can stop here. If you want to know anything else, just comment in the comment box below or if you want to learn this most important thing in martial arts, then you can contact on the below details. Don't forget to visit the website

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