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KALARIPAYATTU - The most misunderstood martial arts

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Before starting I would like to mention name of my Guruji.

Guru Murugan Pillai.

His academy name is Nithya Chaithanya Kalari. Only academy in Northern part of India.

His website is


Lord Shiva:

It is believed that Lord Shiva himself developed an art of warfare known as KALARIPAYATTU which was finally learnt by people in South India through his disciples.

Lord Nandi:

As lord Nandi is very dear to Lord Shiva and is always with him, so first student of this art of warfare was lord Nandi.

Lord Karthikeya (Murugan) : When demon Tarkasura has spread evilness a lot, then to stop and kill him Lord Kartikeya (Murgugan), son of my dear lord Shiva took birth. Tarkasura has got a boon that he can be killed only by lord Shiva's own son. Now to kill Tarkasura, Lord Kartikeya learnt the art of warfare from Lord Shiva and Lord Nandi. Lord Karthikeya was sent to south India by Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha was sent to Northern part of India for their further Karmas. That is why one can see Lord Karthikeya in form of Lord Murugan being worshipped a lot in south India and Lord Ganesha being worshipped a lot in North India like Maharashtra.

Sage Agastya:

Sage Agastya too learnt the art of warfare from Lord Shiva and Lord Murugan and somehow

travelled to southern part of India. In Kerala his style is being called as Thekkan Kalari and in Tamil Nadu it is being called as Silambam/ Chilambam. I will refrain from using which part of South India he travelled. Tamil Nadu people and Kerala people usually gets into heated discussion on this to prove which art is more better. As my Guruji knows both arts, so I came to know that both the arts are almost similar. Also point to note is Guru of Southern Kalari/ Thekkan Kalari and Silambam is Sage Agastya. So I don't know why both groups fights. Sage Agastya also gave the knowledge of 108 Marmas to the world which is main part of the Kalaripayattu. One with knowledge of these Marmas can injure his opponent and can even heal someone. Kalaripayattu Guru's are very good Ayurvedic/ Siddha doctors.

Sage Parshurama: When Kshatriyas has gone wild due to hunger/ greed of power and has

spread evilness a lot, then Sage Parshurama roles comes into play. One of the Kshatriya king even killed Sage Parshurama's father. Sage Parshuram's mother, on murder of her husband, mourned and beated her chest 21 times Seeing that mourning sage Parshurama decided to kill whole Kshatriya's clan 21 times singlehandedly so that evilness in the world can be controlled. It is believed that Sage Parshurama is immortal and is still alive in this Kaliyuga too and will appear to train art of warfare to Lord Kalki to end Kaliyuga.

Sage Parshurama style of martial arts is called as Vaddakan Kalari and is mainly based on ruthless weaponry system. This art flourished well in northern sides of Kerala.


After learning from so many years and still learning, I can say Kalaripayattu is itself a complete Martial arts in itself. Each and every aspect of Kalaripayattu is scientifically designed to progress. Health aspects - Kalaripayattu moves are designed in such a way that practitioners gets overall body development. Kalaripayattu practitioners are extremely flexible and agile to do

any move in day to day life. Practitioners muscles, tendons and ligaments are also very strong. Traditional weight lifting sets mostly matching with few modern methods are also done for overall strength development.

In a research, it is found that practitioners of Kalaripayattu has the best respiratory system development compared to other Martial arts including Yoga

Defensive and offensive- Kalaripayattu combat practice is not just about killing someone but it is defenso- offensive martial arts training. I have read many statement where Kalaripayattu is said to be too much

deadly that it cannot be used normally/ defensively against anyone. But I consider this statement as false. Practitioners learns both the defensive portions and then the offensive portions of Martial arts. Point to note is amount of defense and amount of offense varies from situation to situation and varies against fighters/ street fighters. Partner Training - I really appreciate the amount of partner training involved in this art. There is lot of partner training involved in each and every weapons and empty hand to get used to

real blocks and strikes. One thing I found that practitioners of this great art can feel that practicing the predefined moves with partners at full speed and power is so much difficult then how difficult it will be to block the moves which we don't know or which is nor pre-decided. By regular practice every practitioners get used to bear heavy strikes and block them and counter them.

Combat mistake- According to me, only mistake many (not all) Kalaripayattu practitioners, if not all, do that they think by practicing only predefined moves they can really fight with anyone. And this is the biggest mistake they do. Practitioners must spar in controlled environment, with each other to get the real reflexes. Another mistake they do including many other martial arts style practitioners is they get used to counter/ block specific type of strikes. They keep on thinking that opponent will strike in specific way only in which they practice. As per me each and every Martial artist must research and exchange ideas with each other and even spar (in a healthy way) with each other so that practitioners can develop their real art. Kalaripayattu vs any other Martial arts: Many people especially in Martial arts world say that Kalaripayattu is not effective against other Martial arts like MMA, Muay Thai etc. I want to say one statement against this. If Kalaripayatu practitioner is skilled enough that he can just touch you, then you are in danger. If you are skilled enough not letting Kalaripayattu practitioner touch you then you can save yourself. And I think second one is almost next to impossible.

Marma's Knowledge- Marma's (pressure points of body) knowledge can be extremely important to any Martial artist especially in old age. When you will grow old and your power

and speed of body will reduce then this knowledge of Marma will be useful in taking down your opponents. Martial arts which involve only punching, kicking etc will not work too much as each one of them will require speed and power to some extent. Marma's knowledge is also extremely important for any Martial artist to learn as one must know how to heal their students/ opponents/ Enemies. Real Combat style of Kalaripayattu: Youtube is filled with application of Kalaripayattu which is not very close to this combat style. I can understand either they do not know how to show this stuff or they are not skilled enough in representing the techniques. May be someday I will be able to do so. Now actual combat style is like below Mainly open hand strikes from different different angles + Few Punches + Practical Kicks + Slips + Long Blocks + Short blocks + 64 types of throws in grappling + counter of the throws + 18 types of locks and their variations + Unlocking the locks + Elbow Attacks + Knee Attacks + Marma hitting. Think about practitioner who instantly grapple with you and pinches one of your Marma in closed range. After getting pinched your hands or legs do not move or you cry out in pain. Even the juijutsu knowledge is not going to help as one with Marma knowledge do not need any gap to pinch/ poke your Marmas. Grapplers may be understanding what Iam saying. I CAN SAY THAT KALARIPAYATTU IS COMPLETE MARTIAL ARTS IN ITSELF FOR ALL AGE GROUPS WHICH MAKES IT ONE OF THE BEST AMONG ALL THE MARTIAL ARTS IN WORLD. Below are the reasons for choosing Kalaripayattu. 1. Extreme Flexibility 2. Strength and Endurance 3. Perfect fitness and healthy Body. 3. Weapons Training 4. Weapons vs Empty Hand 5. Weapon vs Weapon fight 6. Bare Hand Combat 7. Complete pressure points knowledge. 8. Spiritual portions of Martial arts 9. Medicine knowledge 10. Knowldege of Prana/ Chi/ Internal Martial arts. 11. Knowledge of Self


For knowing stages/ course of Kalaripayattu, please go to link or can ask me personally.

To know more on this art, please refer the article

Namaste Pranaam

Ranjit Mishra

Martial Warriors Academy


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mondeep deka 777
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mondeep deka 777
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